Our classes are sunlit in a regular temperature room.  We offer traditional forms of yoga including Dharma Yoga, Vinyasa flow Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Meditation.

With a twist on tradition, we also offer Detox Yoga – a strong and fast paced flow class for anyone looking for results, guaranteed.

While classes will differ in style and moderation, with regular practice we will help you improve your body image, reduce stress, control weight, detoxify, relieve chronic pain, and improve skin tone from the inside out.

Our highly qualified teachers are among the best yoga teachers in Manitoba and they will inspire confidence and motivate you to evolve with your practice.

YOGA FUNDAMENTALS(All levels/ beginner friendly)
Learn the basics in alignment, focus and breath, fundamentally necessary for yoga asana and practice. Appropriate for beginners looking for understanding and detailed instruction as well as more seasoned students looking for greater understanding of the underlying principles which can be applied to more advanced practice. Flowing, active and challenging but will allow time to stop and examine the practice.
YIN YANG YOGA(All levels/ beginner friendly)
Combining yang style postures (strength, balance, heat building) and passive yin style postures (longer holds, deepening, more stillness), allows for warming of the muscles and deep opening in the connective tissue of hips, pelvis and spine. A good class choice for beginners, those with limited mobility or injury and is pre-natal friendly.
VINYASA FLOW(All levels)
Principles of foundation, primary movement and alignment are woven into this moving practice, where fluid transitions and breath link postures in sequences designed to explore varying principles or themes.
Yin Yoga + Meditation(All levels / beginner friendly)
Passive postures held for longer allow for deep opening in the connective tissue of hips, pelvis and spine. You will be guided through relaxation techniques and meditation while deepening into your body. A popular option for tight sore bodies and for beginners, due to the slow pace.
DETOX FLOW(All levels)
A heat building, flowing class.
Sun salutations and other effective poses, such as spinal twists and compressions stoke the metabolism, stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems and help clear out toxins.
Restorative Yoga + Deep Relaxation(All levels / beginner friendly)
A soothing slow paced class supported with blankets, bolsters and blocks. All levels of practitioner will benefit from a more calm nervous system and the gradual deep opening that long, supported holds allow while being guided through meditation and fully relax