Sam Globerman
Owner, Yoga Teacher + Nutritionist

Sam Manchulenko
Yoga Instructor, Yoga Teacher Trainer + Energy Healer

Sam is a yogi, dancer, adventurer and lover of life.  As a professional dancer she toured and performed in musicals such as West Side Story, Chicago and Guys and Dolls, and appeared in films including Shall We Dance and Suicide Squad.

Sam completed her first 500 hr yoga teacher training in India, then went on to train with Shiva Rea in LA completing her Fluid Vinyasa, Chakra Vinyasa and Trance Dance trainings. She also completed part two of the Ashtanga-inspired One Yoga Teacher training, the 200 hr Anusara Immersion, Restorative Yoga Training and Off the Mat’s Leadership Training with Seane Corn before finding her teacher Sri Dharma Mittra.  Sam now spends much of her time in NY studying with Sri Dharma where she completed his 500 hr and 800 hr Life of a Yogi Teacher Training programs. In 2019 she was chosen to assist in his 200 hour and 500 hour Teacher Trainings.

Sam created the 200 hour Abhyasa Living Yoga Teacher Training Program to support students with a desire to live their yoga practice 24/7 and share the path with others. This program is certified through the Yoga Alliance and includes the Dharma Gentle and Dharma 1 Sequences.

Sam’s interest in supporting human development inspired her to pursue studies with the Enneagram Institute in NY, Vipassana meditation and Healing Touch courses. She loves traveling and learning from different cultures. Sam has spent time in Africa, teaching yoga in Morocco and volunteering in Ghana; explored meditation in SE Asia; studied flamenco dance in Spain; whirled with the dervishes in Istanbul; and served four seasons as a karma yogi at the Sivananda ashram in the Bahamas. Sam is passionate about living life to the fullest with a joyful heart and inspiring others to do the same.

Adrienne Shum
Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counsellor + Yoga Teacher

Adrienne has been practising yoga since childhood. From this early start, she has dedicated herself to a daily practice grounded in sincerity and equanimity. Since completing Moksha (2009) and Ashtanga (2011) yoga teacher trainings, she has stepped into a teaching role to offer yoga as a pathway towards gratitude, intelligence, and generosity. Adrienne explores yoga in its many forms – from physical poses on a mat, to seated practice on a meditation cushion, to Kirtan, call-and-response chanting – but her teaching emphasises the underlying fundamental elements that run throughout.

In addition, Adrienne has both a certification as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counsellor and a Master’s degree in Food Science; she offers private consultations and workshops where she integrates the healing traditions of Ayurveda with contemporary science.

To learn more about practising with Adrienne, please visit her website,

Natasha Lenon
Yoga Teacher + Massage Therapist

Natasha is known at YP for her nourishing yin and restorative classes, as well as her powerful flow classes. She has an intuitive understanding of the body and an engaging teaching style. With years of experience as a yoga instructor and practitioner Natasha has had the opportunity to lead many successful local and international yoga retreats. Her personal and caring nature shines through in her teaching style; she creates a space where students can feel supported in their practice. She also offers Body Work, deep relaxation massage, at Yoga Public. One of Natasha’s goals is to get everyone to relax through yoga and massage.

Serge Salvador
Yoga Instructor + Spiritual Trainer

To Serge, a true yoga teacher + spiritual trainer will not try to do our work with turning point for us. Rather, he or she will lend a helping hand, give inner and outer guidance, and be a beacon in the night. Someone always there to remind us of the purpose of our journey when the signs get subtle or there is trouble. As a qualified yoga teacher + spiritual trainer Serge is committed to applying the principles of yoga to his own life and seeks to make the methods of yoga accessible to all people.

Rebecca Watson
Yoga Instructor

When Rebecca first stepped on her yoga mat 15 years ago, she was amazed at how the practice
shifted the energy in her body and brought her home to herself.
Teaching yoga for the past 8 years, she feels her yoga practice is the tonic to her life, making
everything that much sweeter. When we embody the lessons of mindfulness, awareness and
connection on our mat, we carry them off our mat into our daily lives. She believes that yoga is
for EVERY body and welcomes all students to her classes.
Rebecca’s yoga teacher trainings include vinyasa flow, yin, restorative, bhakti, kundalini,
meditation, yoga nidra and prenatal yoga. Her gratitude is deep for the teachings of this
beautiful, ancient practice.
Rebecca loves time spent in nature, outdoor adventuring, dogs, cooking for health & wellness,
as well as checking out Winnipeg’s amazing food scene & music festivals.
Visit her website to learn more,

Alerry Lavitt
Yoga Instructor

To Alerry, yoga and life are one. For 16 years she has explored yoga’s path as a teacher, studying throughout the world, and deepening her understanding of how yoga is truly a part of our lives both on and off the mat. The awareness of each moment, each breath, each situation, as an opportunity to know ourselves more, translates yoga’s physical practice and philosophy into each day. She is passionate about guiding students deep into their bodies, and to build a connection with the whole of their being, though yoga. She loves the adventure of following where yoga leads her in her teaching and practice.

Since 1998 Alerry has lived her yoga, teaching and studying across the globe. Certified through the oldest Yoga Association in Canada, she is also an advanced remedial massage therapist, reiki and craniosacral practitioner, student of osteopathy and celebrated artist. Her down-to-earth teaching inspires students to take their practice deeper, guided with gentleness, precision, support and mindfulness. Individual attention and modifications for each student’s abilities are key to her teaching. She has been featured in the Winnipeg Free Press and the New York Times for her retreats and yoga adventures.

Sari Hochman
Yoga Instructor + Occupational Therapist

Sari, who has always valued having an active lifestyle, feels lucky to have found the practice of yoga
along the way. Sari’s interest in yoga began at a purely physical level but has grown to be so much more.
When living in Montreal, she was extremely fortunate to be living so close to the Kripalu Centre in
Massachusetts, where she completed her 200 hr teacher training and additional workshops. Over the
years, Sari has had the opportunity to train with Rod Stryker, Janet Stone, Noah Maze, and other
international teachers. Sari teaches a variety of classes including vinyasa flow, yin yoga, yoga nidra,
prenatal and more. Sari’s unique approach to teaching empowers her students to befriend and listen to
their bodies, identifying practices that support their well-being and personal growth. In addition to
teaching yoga, Sari also works privately as an occupational therapist specializing in the area of sleep. She
is passionate about helping her clients learn how to utilize their yoga practice to improve sleep, deal
with insomnia, and restore the system. Sari shares life and adventures with her husband, Michael, twin
girls, Hazel and Solly and dog Bernie.