If have any further questions not answered below please contact us at info@yogapublicsouthstudio.com.

Current Yoga Public members are eligible for a discounted pass at our sister studio.
Sister Studio pass: 4 classes in one month for only $20!
Unused classes will be forfeited.  This pass cannot be purchased on-line.

We have a special page of instructions just for you! Please head to New to Yoga Public South Studio.

Your free class pass is payment for class. Present your class pass in person in order to ‘pay’ or register for class. You cannot use a free class pass to make payment or pre register online. This means you need to hand in your class pass in advance in order to pre register or simply show up with your pass on the day of class. We cannot guarantee you a spot in class with a free pass.

Speak to your instructor before class. If you do not find the opportunity to speak with the instructor, let them know during class if they comes up to you to assist. We can look out for you specifically if we know your situation and can offer modifications specific to your injury. As always, listen to your options and follow what feels best for you. Never force!

Each of our instructors have come to where they are through personal practice, continued training and lots of teaching experience, and they teach according to what they know. Our backgrounds include Ashtanga, Iyengar, Hatha, Kundalini, Restorative and Yin Yoga as well as Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Vipassana Meditation, Cognitive Therapy and Massage Therapy. We offer formal Mysore practice and led Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga classes. Our hot classes can best be described as Hatha yoga as interpreted by each instructor. For a full list and description of our classes, please see the class description page. For full instructor bios, head over to Our Team.

While we do not offer specific pre-natal classes, many of our classes are appropriate for pregnant women and all our teachers are pre-natal trained. Speak to your teacher before class to let them know where you’re at in your pregnancy. They will offer appropriate modifications and instruction.  Please also speak with your doctor regarding your options.

We know life gets busy and those days when everything runs behind is just the day you need to get to class most, so we do allow latecomers! Please note though, that we will not allow you into class more than 5 minutes late and your spot may be given to someone waiting 5 minutes before class start time.

We recommend beginning with our 2 week unlimited pass. Everyone can purchase this option once though it doesn’t have to be your first purchase. The 2 week unlimited Pass allows you 14 consecutive days to try as many classes as you like.  From that point, depending on your anticipated attendance, we can advise you on the best pass or membership for you. Please speak to us at front desk any time to discuss your options.

There is ample free parking around the mall and studio.

Our limited capacity classes have a wait list option. If someone cancels out of a full class, the first person on the wait list will be notified* and can choose to either confirm pre registration or decline, if no longer able to attend, at which point the next person on the list will be notified. It’s a pretty great system, designed to get you into class! *Be sure to choose your desired method of notification through your mindbody profile. Receive notifications by text, email or both. While you’re there, make sure your email address on file is correct. You can choose to receive these notifications as well as receipts and still not receive our newsletters if that is your preference.

A late cancel is a cancellation you make within one hour of class start time. Cancel before the one hour window and you are not charged a fee nor will a class be drawn from your current pass or membership. Late Cancel/No Show Fee We charge a fee of $10 for every limited capacity class you Late Cancel or Do Not Show Up for. Cancel before that one hour window and there is no charge. Cancel within the window or fail to show up and your account will be charged $10 + gst.  We have introduced the Late Cancel/No Show Fee as a courtesy to members that pre register and show up, or try to pre register for full classes that end up partially empty due to no shows. We feel one hour before a class is plenty of time to plan to attend. We ask for your courtesy and mindfulness toward all members.